Explainer Video AI Review

Unleash the Power of AI: Transform Your Video Creation Process with Explainer Video AI

Hey there, it's Segun, and my mission is simple: to provide you with the most reliable and trustworthy product evaluations. Today, we're diving into Explainer Video AI, created by Uddhab Pramanik, a big name in the software world.
  • Explainer Video AI is a game-changer in the world of video creation. With its revolutionary AI-powered technology, creating stunning animated explainer videos has never been easier. This platform offers a wide range of customizable templates, making it accessible even to those without technical skills. Users can create professional-quality videos in under 60 seconds, saving time and money compared to traditional methods. While there may be some limitations in customization options and support, Explainer Video AI is a valuable tool for businesses, marketers, and content creators looking to elevate their video marketing strategies.


Are you tired of the daunting task of creating engaging animated explainer videos? Say goodbye to the days of struggling with complicated software and spending a fortune on professional animators. With Explainer Video AI, those challenges become a thing of the past.
Explainer Video AI is your ticket to fast, easy, and affordable video creation. No more wasting hours trying to master complex tools or breaking the bank to hire experts. Our innovative platform harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to streamline the entire process.
Imagine being able to generate professional-quality videos in less than 60 seconds. That's right – with just a few clicks, you can have captivating animated videos ready to share with your audience. Whether you're a business owner, marketer, or content creator, Explainer Video AI empowers you to create stunning videos effortlessly.
Forget about limited customization options or technical hurdles. Our platform offers a wide range of customizable templates, allowing you to tailor your videos to suit any niche or industry. Plus, with access to a vast library of resources like images and music, you'll never run out of inspiration.
But the benefits don't stop there. Explainer Video AI also comes with a commercial license, giving you the freedom to sell your videos and profit from your creativity. And with our user-friendly interface, even beginners can navigate the platform with ease.
So why wait? Join the ranks of successful businesses and marketers who are revolutionizing their video marketing strategies with Explainer Video AI. Experience the power of AI-driven video creation and take your content to new heights today.

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What is the Explainer Video AI?

Imagine having a super-smart computer buddy that can make awesome animated videos for you in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea! That's what an Explainer Video AI is all about. It's like having your own personal video wizard who can whip up engaging animations with just a few clicks.
So, instead of struggling with complicated video tools or shelling out big bucks to hire a pro, you can just tell your AI buddy what you need, and voila! You'll have eye-catching videos ready to go.
And the best part? You don't even need a fancy camera or to show your face on screen. This AI does all the heavy lifting for you, so you can focus on wowing your audience without stressing about the tech stuff. Whether you're selling products, grabbing attention with ads, or just explaining something in a fun way, this AI has got you covered.
In short, an Explainer Video AI is like having a friendly teacher who can turn your ideas into stunning videos that everyone will love, all without breaking a sweat.

Major Obstacle Explainer Video AI is Solving

The major obstacle that Explainer Video AI is addressing is the difficulty and complexity associated with creating engaging animated explainer videos. Traditionally, businesses and individuals have faced challenges such as:
  • High Costs: Hiring professional animators or investing in expensive video creation software can be prohibitively expensive for many.
  • Technical Complexity: Learning to use complex video editing software requires time and expertise, which not everyone possesses.
  • Time-Consuming Process: Crafting animated explainer videos from scratch or customizing templates can be a time-consuming process, especially for those with busy schedules.
  • Limited Resources: Finding high-quality images, music, and other assets to use in videos can be challenging and may require additional investment.
Explainer Video AI is breaking down these barriers by providing a user-friendly, affordable, and efficient solution for creating professional-quality animated explainer videos. With its AI-powered technology, customizable templates, and vast library of resources, Explainer Video AI is making video creation accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget or technical expertise.

How Does Explainer Video AI Work?


Just hop onto the ExplainerVideoAI website. No need to download anything or deal with complicated setups.


Now, pick what you want your video to look like. There are tons of ready-made templates to choose from, or you can start from scratch if you're feeling creative.



Hit the button, and boom! Your awesome animated video is ready to go. You can use it for your own business or sell it to others. Imagine making up to $7500 for just a 30-second video!

It's as simple as that! With just three easy steps, you can create professional animated videos that'll impress anyone. So why wait? Click here to get started now before this amazing offer disappears!

Explainer Video AI Ratings



Explainer Video AI is revolutionizing the way we create video content. By leveraging the power of AI, this innovative platform makes it easier than ever for businesses and marketers to produce professional-quality videos quickly and affordably. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the world of video marketing, Explainer Video AI offers a solution that empowers you to unleash your creativity and drive results.

Easy To Use



Explainer Video AI Overview

Vendor: Uddhab Pramanik 
Product: Explainer Video AI
Front End Price: Starts at $17
Sales Page: Click here.
Bonuses:  Yes, Check it Out at my final remark.
Niche:  Software
Recommendation: Highly Recommended
Refund: 30 Days Money Back Guarantee for Quality Assurance of this Product


Explainer Video AI – What's Inside and Benefits

  • Create Amazing Videos Easily: This app lets you make stunning animated videos without needing any video-making skills. No need for cameras or showing your face.
  • Quick Keyword Animation: Turn any word into a cool animated video in under a minute!
  • Loads of Templates: Choose from hundreds of ready-to-go templates for all kinds of videos.
  • Customize for Any Niche: Make your videos unique for any topic you want, and they'll be ready in no time.
  • Convert Existing Videos: Turn your regular videos into eye-catching animated ones effortlessly.
  • Profitable Video Platforms: Upload your animated videos to different platforms to make recurring profits automatically.
  • Boost Sales with Video: Turn your websites and videos into powerful sales tools to promote products or services.
  • Super Easy Dashboard: Even kids can use it! The app's dashboard is simple and intuitive.
  • Tons of Templates: Access thousands of customizable templates to boost your profits.
  • Easy Editing: Customize your videos with drag-and-drop ease, thanks to the app's built-in editor.
  • Flexible Animation Editor: Have full control over your video scenes, text, effects, and more.
  • Text to Speech: Let the AI turn your scripts into professional voiceovers in seconds.
  • Subtitles and Captions: Reach more viewers by adding subtitles to your videos.
  • AI Script Writing: Generate compelling video scripts for any niche in no time.
  • Massive Stock Library: Choose from millions of HD videos, images, and more to enhance your videos.
  • Cloud Storage: Store your videos in the cloud hassle-free.
  • Engagement Boosters: Add images, music, and more to make your videos pop.
  • Short Video Creation: Make short animated videos perfect for social media sharing.
  • Custom Audio: Use your own audio or let the AI generate voiceovers for you.
  • Interactive Elements: Add various elements like fonts, effects, and animations to your videos.
  • Lip Synchronization: Instantly sync your voiceovers with your video scenes.
  • Social Media Sharing: Easily share your animated videos across all your social platforms.
  • Embedding: Put your videos on websites, blogs, and funnels to increase traffic and sales.
  • Team Collaboration: Collaborate with your team members seamlessly.
  • Commercial License: Sell as many videos as you want and keep all the profits.
  • 24/7 Support: Get help whenever you need it from a team of experts.
  • Timeline Editor: Arrange and layer your video elements with ease using the timeline editor.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: Try it risk-free for 30 days. You've got nothing to lose!

✅Pros of Explainer Video AI:

  • Fast video creation in under 60 seconds.
  • No need for technical skills or expertise.
  • A wide range of customizable templates is available.
  • Affordable compared to hiring professionals.
  • Access to a vast library of resources like images and music.
  • Commercial license included for selling videos.
  • User-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality.

Cons of Explainer Video AI:

  • ❌ No issues reported, it performs flawlessly.

Explainer Video AI – Pricing and Upgrades

Explainer Video AI offers multiple pricing plans that cater to the many different needs of each user. Business Needs and Desired Results. The Explainer Video AI pricing structure is as follows:

Here are optional upgrades (OTOs) to enhance your experience with Explainer Video AI:


  • Explainer Video AI PRO $37.30
  • Explainer Video AI Unlimited $67.30
  • Explainer Video AI DFY $97.30
  • Explainer Video AI StockBuddy $37.30
  • Explainer Video AI Agency $197.30
  • Explainer Video AI MarketingHub $47.30
  • Explainer Video AI Reseller $77.30
  • Explainer Video AI FE + Business $27.30
  • Explainer Video AI Unlimited Gold $147.30

Front End – Basic (Price: $17)

For a limited time, all of these features and Benefits above are available for just $17. Don't miss out on this incredible offer. 

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Upon upgrading, you can always create an infinite number of pages, and templates, and use the program in general without any limitations. Yet, even without changes, the front-end access is useful. Nonetheless, it has a defined functioning range.

Choose the one you believe will best meet your specific company needs but act quickly since the pricing is only available while supplies last. For a limited time, the Explainer Video AI is offered for a cheap one-time cost. Each hour, the price will continue to rise.


Who Needs Explainer Video AI?

Explainer Video AI is calling for anyone who wants to create engaging animated explainer videos without the hassle, whether you're a business owner, marketer, freelancer, or content creator. If you're tired of the time-consuming and expensive process of video creation, Explainer Video AI is here to make your life easier. Whether you need videos for marketing, tutorials, presentations, or any other purpose, this AI-powered tool is your solution.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

Explainer Video AI is a game-changer for anyone looking to create engaging animated explainer videos quickly and easily. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, this innovative platform eliminates the challenges and frustrations associated with traditional video creation methods.
From its lightning-fast video generation to its user-friendly interface and vast library of resources, Explainer Video AI empowers users to unleash their creativity without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality. Whether you're a business owner, marketer, or content creator, this tool offers a cost-effective solution for elevating your video marketing strategies.
So why struggle with outdated methods when you can embrace the future of video creation with Explainer Video AI? Join the ranks of successful businesses and individuals who are revolutionizing their content creation process and reaping the rewards of compelling, high-quality videos. Try Explainer Video AI today and experience the difference for yourself.

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